A week that will change your life forever!

Cost: $360
All of your food, lodging, and activities is included in the cost.  However there will be additional activities (rock climbing, paintball, etc) that can be purchased at additional costs. There is also a snack shack and a camp store for additional purchases. 

Registration Froms

Please print and fill out all of the forms and bring them Pastor Kendra

What to Bring

What Not to Bring

• Bible, notebook & pen stuff
to keep your body clean
• pillow & sleeping bag light
jacket (who really knows)
• modest clothing
• one-piece bathing suit &
• spending money
• sunscreen
• insect repellent
• watch
• electronics (cell phone,
     Nintendo Switch, etc.)
• tobacco of any kind
• drugs / alcohol
• weapons of any kind
• fireworks
• pets of any kind

Want to Watch the Highlight Videos from Last Years Camp?


Feel free to email us at info@missionchurch.online or call us 737-231-1278