write the future

At Mission Church, our passion is to reach people with the Gospel and to see them not just come to faith but grow as followers of Jesus.

Our vision is vital: Reaching People. Building Lives.

To reach more and build more, we need to purchase our own home. Our first permanent church is more than just a need for more space for our children, youth, and adults; it is about having a place to facilitate the vision and mission God has given us as a church.

Our Heart for the House initiative advances our mission and vision and allows our church to stretch and see the miraculous by intentionally preparing, praying, and selflessly giving.

Together, with Christ, we can write a new future for our children, grandchildren, and countless other people that call this city home.

robertson elementary

This year we adopted Robertson Elementary by weekly reading to students, providing meals to teachers, parents, and PTA, and by hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for their families.

Neighborhood vbs

This summer, we hosted our first ever VBS. Instead of having people come to us, we brought these events to neighborhoods across several cities to reach as many people as possible.


In the first 5 months of 2023, 77 people have given their life to Jesus and six people have been baptized in water. 

pray. plan. pledge.

Pray, consider, and ask God, “Do you want me (us) to partner with Heart for the House?” If so, “How much do you want me (us) to give?”

Once you’re done, and you’ve made a commitment, click on the button below to fill out your commitment. There is power in writing down our faith goal and being able to see it fulfilled. Plan for generosity. Make room in your finances too budget for generosity - standing firm in our commitment. Through your faith partnership, we believe we can accomplish all that the Lord wants for us in 2023-2024.

Thank you for your dedication to the vision of Mission Church!

the church i see

pastor ezra

“The church I see is so vibrant, so inviting, so contagious that its walls cannot contain it, society cannot ignore it, and the gates of Hell cannot stop it.

It is where the lost are found, the hurting are healed, and the broken are made whole. It is the house where the prodigals come home, where the orphans discover family, and those living in captivity find freedom.

The church I see is so in love with Jesus, so empowered by the Holy Spirit, and so committed to God’s Word, that living for Him and serving Him is no longer an obligation but an opportunity.  

I see a church that is big enough to dream on a city-wide scale, yet personal enough for everyone to find their place. I see a church that beckons ‘You Belong Here’ to every man, woman, and child that walks through the doors. A place that never stops going and growing and never stops moving and multiplying. A house that never stops reaching people and building lives whose ethos goes beyond a building, a gathering or a day of the week.  

I see a church fueled with audacious faith, filled with people that tell the mountains to move and then continue because the mountains have made way for what God is going to do.

A place that leads the way with irrational generosity and finds purpose in giving above and beyond. People willing to go across the street or across the world to meet those in need because there is no other way.

The church I see is entrepenural just like the early church, creative like the creator, moving prophetically to love and care for our cities people.

I see a church graced with leaders – who are naturally gifted, spiritually potent, and genuinely humble. Leaders who will pay the price and count the cost to answer the call to eternally impact their neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces.  

I see a church whose leadership will be united in its commitment to its vision and values. Leaders who dare to be themselves, yet live secure in the knowledge that “what they are part of is bigger than the part they play.”

I see a church deeply committed to honoring and serving one another. People who genuinely value people. Followers who fight to build one another up instead of breaking each other down. Unity is greater than division, agreement dominates gossip, and we acutely chose to forgive and move forward into God’s future together.

I see a church whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit, whose focus is the Great Commission. I see a church apostolic in calling, and visionary in nature; committed to boldly impacting thousands for Christ in the Austin metro and beyond with the greatest of all causes – the Cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.”