Mission + Values

our mission

Reaching People. Building Lives.

our vision

To lead people to Jesus on every street, start missional communities in every neighborhood, and launch churches throughout our city and beyond.

our Values

1. We Live and Love Like Jesus.
It's About: The Gospel
2. We Speak to Mountains.
It’s About: Active Faith
3. We Will Do Anything Short of Sin to Reach People Who Don't Know Christ.
It's About: Eternity
4. We Will Lead the Way with Irrational Generosity.
It's About: Making A Difference
5. We Honor and Serve One Another.
It's About: Valuing People
6. We Don't Maintain. We Multiply.
It's About: Ongoing Growth
7. We Will Never Stop Praising God For All He Has Done.
It's About: Expressing Gratitude